Monday, September 11, 2006

11 Septembre : Getting Ready for the Bullshit

Sur le 11 Septembre.
(...) To me, these are days of sham and shame still going on. Tomorrow, we here in NYC will have to endure some horrible remembrances. First of all, the ballsiest man on the planet, Georgie Porgie himself, our appointed "president," is coming to town to ballyhoo it up down at Ground Zero, now referred to as the first battleground of the War on Terrorists. This fact alone pisses me, a New Yorker, off. How dare this little prissy rich brat come here and pretend to be our leader in preventing this from ever happening again while 80 or so percent of us know full well it can happen again and most of us all know it will happen again if they need it to happen again. As Greg Pallast says about the government's role in the New Orleans disaster, it's not that they caused it to happen, it's just that they became like vultures when they saw the political-control possibilities of it as it was happening and the New World Order political changes they could affect by simply ignoring the fact that they knew New Orleans could be blown assunder by the levees collapsing--every damn body that lives or ever lived in New Orleans were convinced, like Christy Todd Whitman convinced New Yorkers that it was fine to breathe in the air the day Ground Zero was created, by the government that those levees were perfectly A-OK and though New Orleans was below sea level, not to worry those Army Corps of Engineer levees would withhold even a hard slap from the broad hand of God Almighty himself.(...) Tomorrow will be a sad day for me and a lot of other New Yorkers. The media will play it up wrong. They will relate it the War on Terrerists; they will trumpet Bush's glory rather than call for his arrest as a war criminal as a crook and as a mismanaging CEO, because our government now is a business and this fool destroys businesses as easily as he has no compunction about dropping 500-lb weapons of mass destruction on a neighborhood of Iraqi citizens, leveling their homes, rendering their neighborhood obsolete and leaving them homeless in their own land, their own once marvelous city on the Tigres and Euphrates rivers, in once a place called Babylon, a place that some say all civilization began (.Via Wood's Lot